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Mare Nostrum is more than an environmental nongovernmental association. Mare Nostrum is a team of dedicated people, with initiative and burning desire to change the world.

We are fighting over 20 years now to conserve the biodiversity and to save the marine ecosystem of the Black Sea. We make bigger and bigger efforts and we work with the same passion that we started with, when it was constituted at the initiative of young specialists from different areas related to marine research and environmental protection. Our involvement and passion managed shortly to win the hearts of the citizens of Constanţa and their support (but also of people from other parts of the country).

During our more than 20 years of activity we reunited thousands of people that fought for the same purpose, in our activities, projects and events.

We have alongside us hundreds of youngsters and adults that in time were and still are our volunteers and interns, numerous teachers with whom we have a special collaboration, public institutions and NGOs that fight for common causes, but also sponsors and financers that always appreciated our work, contributing to our activity.

We believe that facts express more than words, so as confirmation of our efforts we have the numerous projects, campaigns and public events, activities developed during our existence.

All these you can further view on our website and blog, where you can get to know us better. Of course, we are expecting you on our Facebook page to personally discuss, to exchange opinions and to inform you in real time about what we do.

Nice to meet you!