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We want to offer you a few work instruments, in the virtual world, for you individually but also for groups, if you work with them.

Because playing is the first learning form of everyone, we consider that it is important to remember to take things “as a game” sometimes. So we selected for you some virtual simple activities, but also interesting instruments, which can help in the field of Education for Sustainable Development.

They are grouped by level of difficulty regarding the complexity of the task, but also by required technical abilities, being appropriate for every user, regardless the age.

Here you can find some colouring sheets that we recommend you to open in Paint (or another colouring programme), in order to avoid printing them and using paper.
We gathered for you a series of games that can be played online (so you will need an Internet connection), but some of them can also be downloaded. Here are some very simple games, that can be played by children, but also more complex games for youngsters and – why not – adults. Most of them are in English, because the offer in Romanian is not that developed. But most of them have an intuitive structure and can be easily played. Have fun!
Eco-Challenge (online)
Be eco friendly, with Kim Possible, Stitch and other cartoon characters. Start an adventure and go through all the challenges (bike rides, tree planting, waste collecting etc.), thus helping to keep a clean and healthy environment.
EekoCreature (online)
Build your own original Eeko creature and then build your Eeko world. You will receive all sorts of questions and challenges and if you always choose the eco friendly option, you will receive points.
EekoHouse (online)
Enter the Eeko House and solve the challenges. If you always choose the eco friendly option, you will receive points.
The wind mills (online)
When the wind mills break, the city remains with no energy. Help the city by reparing the wind mills and putting the wheels to their right place, so they will function again.
Ecological fishing (online)
„Fish” the waste left on the bottom of the sea by a ship and protect the environment.
Dora cleans the beach (online)
Help Dora, the Explorer, to clean the beach by throwing the waste in the right place.
Eco-Ego ( online)
Help your character to make eco friendly choices, in order to keep the environment as clean as possible and survive.
Plan It Green – Eco game (download)
You are the mayor of a city and the citizens ask you to take certain measures for improving the state of the city. You have to transform the city in an eco-city.
Eco Quest (online)
Answer the challenge to solve an environmental problem, going through different tests.
ElectroCity (online)
Build your own town and help it properly manage the electrical energy.
It is not just a trend to make a video, a film or an interactive presentation, but youngsters enjoy to use the means of modern technology for promoting a message. So we thought we should offer you some of the virtual tools that we also use, because they are rather accessible and they don’t require an advanced level of knowledge in the field. This way, your message about Education for Sustainable Development will have a bigger impact!
DO YOU KNOW HOW TO MAKE A FILM? We found out. And we’re telling you too. The experts from Vizzio Pro Art realised for us a short tutorial in which they approach the most important aspects in making a film. Beside a strong message, you also need a good filming, to have a bigger impact on people. So follow their indications. We don’t guarantee that you will be nominated in Cannes, but surely your message will be appreciated! The video is in ROMANIAN

Tutorial - Cum se face un film?

If your filming is ready, you will need editing, montage and maybe some effects. You can find below two programmes that we consider useful and accessible.
Windows Movie Maker (free licence programme)

Probably the most accessible film editing programmes, easy to learn and with plenty of effects, for a beginner level is Windows Movie Maker that comes together with installing Windows. It is free and you can find instructions on the official website:

PremierePro (to buy)

It is one of the most used video editing programmes, with a multitude of functions.
Details about the programme you can find on the official Adobe website, where you can also download it for free (trial version) or you can buy it:

You also have an interesting and comprehensive tutorial about the base of learning this programme, offered by the Creative Monkeyz team (in Romanian): Also on their website, in the section Tutoriale -> PremierePro, you can find videos about how to use the programme at a more advanced level (montage rules, editing with 2 cameras, titles, texts etc.).

Below you have a selection of animation programmes, mostly with a free licence that you can use in many ways (from simply putting together some pictures, with sound on the background, to drawing in 2D or Flash, GIF and match-sticks animations). For every programme, you can find a download link and a description, copied from the website we found it on. Good luck in animating!
Flash Media Show 1.0 (free programme)

This programme allows you to present a selection of pictures, in Adobe Flash format, with just little space used on the hard disk. The final presentation will have a nice and clear navigation menu. The programme is very easy to use: upload just the pictures you want, resize or rotate them, apply slide effects and select a background image, by clicking the first icon on the lower right corner.
For download and other details:

Flash Slideshow Maker 2.50 (free programme)

The programme allows you to realise a video from your pictures, add a song to the video and also sliding efects. It turns the photo collection in Macromedia Flash format, without being necessary to have Flash or programming knowledge.
For download and other details:

MonkeyJam 3.0 Beta 050529 (free programme)

This type of animation is based on screenshots, one by one, put together in a video file. It takes time and patience to make an animation film, like this, but the programme helps you do the things rather fast. This video editor helps you to record the animation film. Use the digital video camera or the webcam to record the screenshots you need for the film.
For download and other details:

Pencil 0.4.4b (free programme)

It is a programme used for creating cartoon animation short films. The app is a Freeware programme and it is a 2D graphic editor, with which you can draw, edit and colour frames for the cartoon animation film. The main purpose of the programme is to make traditional animation and to allow anybody to draw in 2D. You just need a little bit of drawing talent. With this programme you can transform the films in flash files (SWF).
For download and other details:

Stykz 1.0.2 (free programme)

It is a multi-platform programme that helps you create rather fast a match-sticks animation. It has a lot of functions and you can create simple figures. Some of the characteristics:
- it is a frame based programme, which lets you work on each frame individually; the „onion-skinning” functions lets you see what is in the previous frames, so you can make proper adjustments
- the figures can be rotated, dimensioned, stretched, turned upside-down, coloured and moved
- the figures can be created and edited on the spot, you don’t need a separate editor
- you can test the animation before saving it; it can be saved in QuickTime, Animated GIF or image sequence format
For download and other details:

3D Canvas v7.1.1.2 (free programme)

Use this real-time drag-and-drop animation and modelling programme.
For download and other details:

Pivot Stickfigure Animator 2.2.6 (free programme)

With this programme you can create short animations, without knowing too much about drawing. The programme works on the line drawing principle and can be created from different pieces. Some of the characteristics:
- animation creation
- frame use
- you can draw using only geometrical shapes
- it has a predefined figure library
- it saves images in GIF format
- simple and intuitive interface
For download and other details:

FotoMorph v.9.1 (free programme)

This is a programme that can turn an image into another image, gradually, using two pictures. FotoMorph is conceived to create real time animations, in Flash, animated GIF, AVI and other formats.
For download and other details:

Vectorian Giotto 3.00 (free programme)

This is a Flash animation programme, easy to use. It comes with more than 50 incorporated effects that can be applied to the text and also the shapes, with no coding knowledge. It has over 100 predefined effects that have different ways to adjust them. It contains over 50 Flash patterns and Flash banners can be created, introductions, headers or any other activity specific to Flash.
For download and other details:

After Effects (to buy)

It is one of the most used compositing programmes, versatile and relatively easy to learn. From colour corrections to ample generics and a multitude of possible effects, After Effects does it all.
Details about the programme you can find on the official Adobe website, where you can also download it for free (trial version) or you can buy it:

You also have an interesting and comprehensive tutorial about the base of learning this programme, offered by the Creative Monkeyz team (in Romanian): Also on their website, in the section Tutoriale -> After Effects, you can find videos about how to use the programme for a specific purpose (effects, colour corrections, animating a robot etc.)

A presentation means more than text and a message communicated to those who listen to you. It also means aesthetics, visual impact, and dynamism. You have below a few recommendations for alternative programmes that you cand use in realising a presentation and get out from the routine of the well-known Power Point (PPT). Some of the use only pictures, in others you can incorporate also audio files and text.

One of the programmes that became popular in the past years is Prezi. Being for free (or to buy for the more complex versions), easy to use and with a lot of dynamic effects, this programme will help you have an original presentation. You need an Internet connection, because the presentation is created and edited on the website, being visible for the public (for confidentiality options there is a fee).
Details and use:

IBM Lotus Symphony (free programme)

It is an office suite, similar to the one from Microsoft, providing approximately the same types of functions, but with design differences or of some specific aspects, for each component. It includes three different types of utilities: “Documents”, “Presentations”, “Sheets”. It is a good alternative to other office suites and you can use it to make a presentation different from the others.
For download and other details:

SlidePhoto (program cu licenţă gratuită)

It is a programme that can be used for simple Slideshows, it is free, portable, very easy to use and that doesn’t occupy too much space on the hard disk.
For download and other details:

Photo! 3D Album 1.1 (program cu licenţă gratuită)

The app offers the possibility to realise 3D albums, with images. There is a collections of types of galeris that you can select, but you can also download others from: The programme offers different formats in which you can save the presentation, such as EXE, VRML or SWF.
For download and other details:

AnvSoft Flash Slide Show Maker 4.30.1968 (free programme)

This programme allows you to realise a video from pictures, to which you can add a song, but also sliding effects. You can thus create presentations or photo albums in Macromedia Flash format (SWF).
For download and other details:

Extra Photo Slide Show Free 6.26 (free programme)

The programme helps you create a photo slideshow, with background music, subtitle and sliding effects.
For download and other details:

Website X5 Free (free programme)

This free app helps you realise a web page in your own computer. It has a varied offer of patterns, options for choosing the menu type, the style, the models, but also the possibility to create a pattern from zero. A presentation as a web page can certainly be easier to get notice and it can bring a plus of novelty. It all depends on your creativity!
For download and other details: