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You can publish an announcement that is interesting for the users of the portal. According to what you want to transmit, the announcement can be published in the “Attend events” or “What others did” section.

The difference is that if you publish an announcement in the “Attend events” section, the users will know you are organizing an event for which you are looking for participants. So they will contact you for enrolling or for asking more details.
But if you publish an announcement in the “What others did” section, you will announce an event that passed or one that will take place soon but for which you are not looking for participants and you just want to promote it. Also, you can promote a project, an activity you developed and that you want others to know about and that can serve as an example and a source of inspiration.

To begin with, choose the desired section and then fill all the fields. In case you are not registered, you can authenticate or you can create a new account, before filling in your announcement.

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