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Mare Nostrum NGO (in partnership with other 4 institutions from the Black Sea, from Bulgaria, Ukraine, Georgia and Moldavia)
Date / period: 
1 October, 2011 to 1 December, 2013
Event Description: 
The aim of the project was raising awareness, understanding and raising the responsibility related to the coastal area problems, including human activity and its effects, and also enlarging the trans-border cooperation framework, regarding the protected areas management. During this project, our organization managed to realise 4 interpretative trails in Dobrogea, trails that are named: Canaraua Fetii, Cheile Dobrogei, Allah Bair and Casian Monastery. These trails are accessible to anybody that wants to know nature in a friendly way, being available interactive panels, where you can be discovered more unique characteristics of the area, also the guide, brochures and maps of the trails can be downloaded from the project website: