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Welcome! We were expecting you!

If you find yourself on this web portal, it means that you understood the importance of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in developing our society, but also the essential role that each of us have, as promoters and initiators of change.

The portal is here to help you understand, learn and begin to practice the ESD principles. And all of this in order to bring an improvement, an added value to the quality of life of present and future generations.

We reach out to everybody interested in this field, but especially to teachers, trainers and experts. Why? Because you are the one that passes on the information generation after generation, to smaller or larger groups, thus creating a sustainable chain in time. We need beside us open minded people that will forward our message and that will be our partners in the process of change.

Thus appeared this web portal, with focus on Education for the Black Sea (but not only), part of the bigger concept of Education for Sustainable Development. We gathered here useful information for people that first hear of this subject, for those who already have some experience but also for the experts. The sections of the portal are accessible, you can easily find what you are looking for but also you can share your experience that is so valuable in the continuous learning process of each of us.

For an easier access to the web portal here are some pointers for each section:

Welcome! You are in this section, at the web portal presentation. Here you will also find information about the project within the portal was created and details about us, the people who created it.

Discover! All the information that we considered to be necessary about ESD can be found in this section, categorised by level of difficulty.

Play with us! We want you to play because this is the first way that people learn but also because this way the information is assimilated and consolidated, your creativity and originality is developed and games can give you inspiration for your own activities.

Sources and resources You can find here a lot of files to read, view or listen to, as well as the web links to access them. Here will also appear the files and information that you will share with us. The upload can be done in the “Contribute!” section.

Be connected! We consider important for you to know what events exist, within the country but also outside of it, in the ESD field, at which you can take part. Also, you can promote your own event. Plus, within this section, you will be able to find out about the activities, events and projects implemented by other institutions, that don’t necessarily involve public participation, but are useful as information.

Contribute! If you want to promote an event, an activity, a project or if you want to share with us a file, here you can do that. The fields are easy to fill and your information will get to the right category (“Sources and resources” or “Be connected!” and their subcategories).

Blog! We have a forum in order for you to get in contact with us and the other users of the portal.

Contact us! We put at your service a contact form and our contact details so you can be in touch with us anytime you want.

Join our course! We offer you an online training that you can finish at your own pace. You will have a theoretical part as well as a practical one and of course you will receive a diploma at the end that will certify you finished the training. (available in Romanian).

Create an account In order to fully benefit of what the portal offers we recommend you to create a user account. It will only take a few minutes and it is easy to do.

Through camera lens Because an image is worth a thousand words, we invite you to view pictures from our activities. Surely they will inspire you too!

Enjoy your visit!