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The web portal that we offer you was created within the project „Education for the Black Sea”. This project is financed through the grants of the European Economic Space 2009-2014, in the framework of NGO Fund in Romania, operated by the Civil Society Development Foundation and the Partnership Foundation. More details about the financing programme on:

We want you to know about this project that its duration is 16 months, between May 2014 – September 2015, and its costs are 70.875,33 EUR, out of which the value of the non-refundable financing is of 63.787,98 EUR.

What is our aim? It’s very simple. We want to improve the quality of life of present and future generations. This is possible with the involvement of each of us, with initiative and specialized work.

Thus we assume the development of an Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) programme for all age categories, which will be available for you and everybody that is interested. Our aim is to raise awareness and, even more, to empower key people and target groups that are directly involved in ESD activities, in order to achieve the principles of this type of education, in the Romanian coastal area (but not only).

Last but not least, we aim in increasing the quality of the educational activities dedicated to ESD.

What do we expect from you? To be active with our help. First through information. We offer you numerous materials, information and courses, for you to perfect.

Then you will apply what you learned. You can do that in any way you want and in any way that matches your current activity and we will be at your service with suggestions and indications. You can get inspired from the activities already developed within the project (see below their description), from others’ experience (see the „Sources and resources” and „Be connected!” sections) or you can come with your own propositions, adapted to your style and to the group you are working with.

Either way, your involvement is essential to the changes we desire to make in this project but also after the project is over.

Everything we do during the project has continuity in our mission. So you can get involved at any moment, because we have a lifelong vision at which you can contribute.

What happens specifically in the project? Here is a short description of the activities:

1.   The Black Sea and the Education for Sustainable Development plan

It was necessary an ESD action plan with focus on the Black Sea. Why? In order to recognize the central place of sustainable development in the present educational context, but also to ensure the efficient applying of the ESD principles in our society at all levels.

2.   The black Sea in theory

Through this activity we elaborated a training programme dedicated to the teachers from Constanţa, but also from other areas of the country. Our approach of these trainings is non-formal, with theory and practice that ensure a better learning, but with an accent on the ESD plan that we elaborated in the project.

3.   Education for Sustainable Development applications

Because theory without practice is not enough, we organize numerous activities dedicated especially to students: visits on thematic trails in protected areas from Dobrogea; data collecting about the Black Sea dolphin species; debates on environmental themes; different contests; information campaigns and class presentations etc. You can see pictures from the activities in the “Through camera lens” section.

4.   Interactive environmental education

For the public we thought of three panel exhibitions, in key areas of Constanţa, with raffles and prizes. The themes of the exhibitions: “The Black Sea in images”, “The forest comes to the city” and “Waste from A to Z”.

5.   Education for a clean seashore

Because the seashore is populated with tourists during the summer it was necessary an exhibition with informative panels, accompanied by a complex information and awareness raising campaign on different problems related to the waste on the beach.

6.   The “Education for the Black Sea” web portal

This portal helps everybody interested in the area, but it is also an important resource after the end of the project, due to its continuous character.

7.   Project visibility

Everything we do has to be acknowledged by the public. Thus we always involve the media that helps us promoting the activities and disseminating the results of the project.

Now you know all that we do. It is your turn to get involved. You can begin by reading the basic information that we put at your service (see the “Discover!” section).

Choose to be active!