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SSi PERFORMANCE ECOBOOST TUNING IS WHAT WE DO BETTER THAN ANYONE. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, ECOBOOST TRACK TIMES, DYNO SHEETS, AND TESTIMONIALS SAY IT ALL. <a href="">Taurus SHO Tuning</a> <br /> <br /> Ecoboost Tuning is not done better than SSi with F150, SHO, Explorer Sport, Mustang, Flex, Fusion, Edge, and more. When you are searching for a Ecoboost Tuner for your vehicle you need not look any further than SSi Performance. You have arrived at the best in the business.<br /> <br /> First off, there is a reason why people go from all the other Ecoboost Tuning companies to ours and they never go from ours to anyone else. We are in a league of our own in tuning any Ecoboost. In addition, our first priority is and always has been the health and safety of the vehicle while providing the customer with tuning excellence and second to none performance. The result is No Lag, Turbo tuning only offered by us.<br /> <br /> Next, superior driving characteristics thru out the entire power band, including idle, part throttle, to wide open pedal is what we deliver with our ecoboost custom tuning. The power is always there at every throttle position. These tunes aren’t 1 gear run WOT dyno queens. These tunes are run and tested where it counts and road load data logged, tested, and fastest track times are the result.<br /> <br /> All of our years of tuning experience with more tuning platforms and software platforms is the benefit and reward given to the customers.